Pandit Madhup Mudgal

From the very first note he utters, you know you are in the presence of someone who is not just a magnificent singer and scholar, but one who has also meditated deeply upon the meaning of his music. Madhup Mudgal is a moving and reassuring example of uncompromising purity.

Madhup’s initial training was under his father, Pandit Vinayachandra Maudgalya, the founder-principal of Delhi’s Gandharava Mahavidyalaya, one of the oldest institutes for classical music and dance in Delhi, which he currently heads. He also trained under Pandit Vasant Thakar, Pandit Jasraj and Pandit Kumar Gandharva.

He has performed extensively at important platforms and festivals in India and abroad including the Avignon Festival, France; Dartington College of Music, England; S.E.S.C., Sao Paulo, Brazil; Festival de Arte e Cultura Indiana, Sao Paolo, Brazil; Theatre de la Ville, Paris; Philharmonie, Essen, Germany; Altstadtherst Kulturfestival, Dusseldorf, Germany; WDR Radio, Germany; Berlin Festpiele, Germany; and Pina Bausch’s Festival in Wuppertal, Germany. He features regularly on Indian radio and television.

Madhup’s musical sensibility, his impeccable training, his dedication, and intelligence mark him out as one of the finest artistes with a deep awareness of, and sensitivity to the fine balance between tradition and innovation. His deep roots allow him to dialogue with other disciplines without losing sight of his own truth.

Madhup’s classicism has not prevented him from innovating and experimenting. As conductor of the acclaimed Gandharva Choir, he has proved himself to be a brilliant composer of choral music. Madhup’s compositions for famous dancers are well known and much appreciated by both connoisseurs and lay listeners. He has also performed in fusion concerts with eminent Jazz musicians Paulo Moura and Hermeto Pascoal in Brazil in 1996; and in 2003, he worked with 35 Brazilian percussionists from Samba schools and the famous pianist Benjamim Taubkin to compose music for a dance show at the Theatre SESC Balenzinho, Sao Paulo.

His introspective vision, feeling and deep insight into the soul- searching poetry of great Indian saint poets has resulted in many compositions.

His recorded music includes:

1. Ragas (Arisco, Brazil)

2. Classics (Rhythm House)

3. Kabir Bhajan (2 Volumes; Music Today)

4. Swarotsav (Music Today)

5. Sa Re Ga Ma (HMV)

6. Samvaad (Music Today)

He is the recipient of many awards including the President of India’s honour of Padmashri in 2006.